Updated download/donate format

ReverseVania has been updated!

Or rather...the structure for getting copies has been updated.

Previously, this game's page was set to a name your own price structure in order to gear it toward a donation-centric model. But in an effort to encourage models where creators get paid...I decided to experiment with something new based on the community-copies model.

Now, the number of available free copies is finite, but it the count is replenished periodically based on donations—both those made through the game's itch.io page and those made via Patreon and/or Ko-fi!

Download the game for free! If you like it, consider donating some free copies.

(Also, as part of this update, I made each individual file included in the game packet available as its own download for visibility purposes.)


ReverseVania_DARK [v1.1].pdf 502 kB
2 days ago
ReverseVania_LIGHT [v1.1].pdf 499 kB
2 days ago
ReverseVania_GRAY [v1.1].pdf 495 kB
2 days ago
ReverseVania_PLAIN [v1.1].txt 1 kB
2 days ago

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