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Dedicated Collection

This collection of four single-player lyric games was originally designed for the Carly Rae Jepcember jam and has been updated for Carly Rae Jepcember: Side B.

The collection is fit to one standard piece of printer paper and can be folded, pamphlet-style. Each of the four games is themed after a song from Carly Rae Jepsen's album Dedicated—"The Sound," "Party for One," "Happy Not Knowing," and "Feels Right," respectively—and is designed to focus your thoughts and feelings on certain aspects of relationships and dedication.

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Dedicated Collection is a short collection of single-player mini rpgs inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen's Dedicated album.

It's two pages with really lovely layout, but maybe a slightly confusing structure. The game is laid out in a way that it can easily be folded into a pamphlet, but it's sort of unclear which direction you're supposed to read in at first glance. I eventually figured it out (sections marked I correspond to the first game. Sections marked II correspond to the second, etc,) but I struggled for a minute with this.

Content-wise, Dedicated Collection is really interesting though. Its games are all fundamentally emotive devices---you key into an emotional state in the middle of something you were doing (such as talking with a friend, sitting by yourself, etc.) All of the games sort of encourage you to stay in that state, so I would recommend a tiny bit of caution before you play, but it's neat to see a game so laser-focused on inducing specific feelings.

Overall, Dedicated Collection is a really cool, lovely-looking short game collection that does a great job of getting you into the headspace for certain emotions. It's not a narrative-y or game-y game, but if you like feeling things I would recommend picking it up.


Thank you for the kind words! You're right about the layout being odd. It's a relic of trying to change the layout from a one-fold booklet (with one bit per half page) to a two-fold pamphlet.

The intent was that it works as a physical version that builds on itself as it's unfolded. Maybe not the best approach for a PDF, but something I'm experimenting with!