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In this solo, journaling-style, 200-word RPG, you are a GALACTIC/GOTHIC BOUNTY HUNTER on your LAST MISSION. You know only that you must stop FULIGIN STAR—and you’re willing to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING.

Record your STAR LOG so your sacrifice is never forgotten.


ReverseVania is about giving up everything you have to achieve your goals, despite what it means to you when those parts of yourself you thought permanent are lost forever.

It's kind of about aging too, in a way...

To play, you will need a six-sided die, some journaling supplies, and a yearning for distant worlds.

This game was inspired in part by the following:

DC's game plot ARMOR
Takuma Okada's game Alone Among the Stars
Tristarae's game A Cozy Little Game
a conversation I had with Kristopher Katz
various metroids, vanias, and the like

If you're interested in this game, you should support those folks and things however you can.

I hope you enjoy ReverseVania!

Download includes a few various layouts for the rules. That's it. Just the rules a few times.

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